Oset Battery Kits


Boost Bikes have being supplying upgraded battery packs to Oset customers for a number of years now with great feedback. Our battery packs last much longer and are much lighter drastically improving the handling and enabling your young trials rider to ride to the very best of their ability and giving them the edge over the competition!

With safety being our number priority our Oset li-ion battery packs have a battery management system (BMS) built in, which protects the pack from overcharging, undercharging, short circuit and even over-temperature! This takes all the hassle and guesswork out of balancing and working with sometimes dangerous bundled hobby grade lithium cells, cheap balance chargers and a mess of wires! The BMS is factory set so that it can supply all the electrical current the bike demands to operate at its maximum capability and can pump out a great deal more power than the original lead acid battery packs.

Supplied with the battery pack is a 5A smart charger. This will charge the pack in approximately 3 hours. This is a good quality fan cooled charger and is fully CE certified, just plug it in and leave it, no worrying about overcharging, it's fully automatic.
Also supplied is an adapter to convert the bikes spade terminals to an Anderson connector to make it very simple to install with no soldering is required, just simply attach the spades and you're ready to plug in and roll.
The battery pack comes with padded protection and sealed against water ingress by means of a fibreglass case with neoprene padding and a tough outer polyolefin heatshrink wrap.
This battery pack is about a third of the size and weight of OEM lead acid batteries supplied with an Oset. Our customers are reporting a ride time up to the equivalent of three complete sets of lead batteries with a noticeably greater power output and significant weight savings completely transforming the handling.
Expect up to 800 charge discharge cycles from this pack and therefore is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.

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Summary of Li-Ion advantages compared to Lead Acid
  • Higher Voltage in Lithium Ion over Lead Acid, 3.7v vs 2.0v (almost 2x).
  • Greater Energy Density per unit Weight (3x),Volume (6x).
  • Lighter / Smaller providing more portability, less storage space.
  • Tolerates Higher Temperatures (60degC vs 27degC).
  • Faster recharge time, and more time between recharges (26 wks vs continuous or max 2 wks).
  • Higher Charge Efficiency (97% vs 75%).
  • More Discharge Cycles (3x).
  • Deeper Discharge Tolerance (95% vs 50%) – Can offset cost due to shallow Lead Acid discharge.
  • State of Health and State of Charge can be readily and remotely monitored.
  • Replacement timeframe, Li-Ion 3-5 years Lead Acid 1.5 - 2 years.
24v - Suitable for 12.5" and 16" Model Osets
36v - Suitable for 16" and 20" Lite Models
48V - Suitable for 20" Eco and Racing Models