OSET 16R and 20 Lite 36V Lithium Ion Battery Pack Including Smart Charger

  • £59500

High quality upgrade battery pack to suit all 36V OSET models. This battery pack will DRAMATICALLY improve the handling and performance when compared to the standard SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries. They are less than 1/3rd of the weight, now last up to 5X longer. A high quality 3hr fan-cooled smart charger is supplied as standard with this kit.

Our lithium battery packs are fully automatic and come ready to use, no need to worry about balancing cells, the built in battery management system offers the user all the safety features but without the hassle.
Simply plug into the bike using the supplied spade adapter, enjoy, recharge and you're ready to go again.
Summary of Li-Ion advantages compared to Lead Acid
  • Higher Voltage in Lithium Ion over Lead Acid, 3.7v vs 2.0v (almost 2x).
  • Greater Energy Density per unit Weight (3x),Volume (6x).
  • Lighter / Smaller providing more portability.
  • Tolerates Higher Temperatures (60 degC vs 27 degC).
  • Faster recharge time, and more time between recharges.
  • Higher Charge Efficiency (97% vs 75%).
  • More Discharge Cycles (3x).
  • Deeper Discharge Tolerance (95% vs 50%) – Can offset cost due to shallow Lead Acid discharge.
  • State of Health and State of Charge can be readily monitored.
  • Replacement timeframe, Li-Ion 3-5 years Lead Acid 1.5 - 2 years
    Approximate Dimensions: 190mm x 160mm x 160mm.
    Approximate Weight 4.5kg.